Bear chases mountain biker at bike park in Slovakia

A peaceful ride down a forested trail by two mountain bikers at a bike park in Slovakia was suddenly interrupted by a bear that came out of nowhere and began chasing the first rider.

Dušan Vinžík was filming his friend riding ahead of him and captured the frightening encounter which some described as intense. He posted the video on YouTube where it became a #2 trending topic Tuesday:

The incident occurred at the Malinô Brdo Bike Park in Ružomberok.

When the bear happened upon the scene, Vinžík can be heard yelling ahead to his friend.

“Watch out! Stop! Stop!” is how one Slovakian translated that part of the yelling.

“After a few quick, heavy strides, the bear darts off the path — almost like the familiar T-Rex/Jeep Wrangler scene from ‘Jurassic Park,’” the New York Daily News wrote.

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Several commenters questioned the idea of stopping when a bear is chasing you, but the mountain biker was heading for a right turn in the trail that might have led to a collision course with the bear had it made the shortcut down the slope.

Fortunately, by the time the mountain bikers stopped to assess the situation, the bear had run back into the woods, likely scared off by Vinžík’s yelling.


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