Bear pulls cub to safety from busy highway

Bear Saves Cub From Road
With cars going by, momma bear tries to figure out how to rescue her cub. Photo by used by permission

Tornado hunter Ricky Forbes was driving in Kootenay National Park in British Columbia when he noticed a cub stranded on a busy road dangerously close to traffic as its concerned momma bear looked on from behind a concrete barrier.

Forbes pulled over and started filming what he described as “the coolest thing I’ve ever seen”: a momma bear rescuing its cub. Watch just how cool it was on this video posted by the U.K. MailOnline, which also offers a few instant replays:

Forbes, who lives in Canmore, Alberta, is the driver for Tornado Hunter, a professional storm-chasing team. But this time he was behind the camera in the right place at the right time.

As you can see, maternal instincts kicked in and momma bear did what mothers do: protect their offspring. The black bear grabbed the cub in her mouth and pulled it over the cement barrier to safety.

A sibling was peeping over the barrier to watch the entire rescue. A photo sequence can be seen below.

“It was a very amazing sight to see,” Forbes told the U.K. MailOnline.

Less than a week before, a black bear was hit and killed by a motorist near Yoho National Park. According to MailOnline, a wildlife official told the Calgary Herald that bears are more prevalent near roads at dawn and dusk at this time of year, and motorists need to keep a watchful eye out.

Fortunately, this story had a very happy ending.

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Bear Saves Cub From Road
Momma black bear grabs the stranded cub with its mouth. Photo by used by permission


Bear Saves Cub From Road
The black bear easily pulls the cub to safety with a sibling looking on. Photo by used by permission


Bear Saves Cub From Road
The black bear finishes off the rescue while the other cub looks over the barrier, no doubt relieved. Photo by used by permission

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