Beer Mile World Record Broken Twice in Less Than 24 Hours

It took decades for the run-and-chug sport — four beers, four 400-meter laps — to grow from the tracks of college campuses to Olympic runners completing and the first sub-five minute mile beer mile on the books in May 2014 (not by an Olympian). But just over a year since James "The Beast" Nielson clocked his record-setting 4:57, two runners have earned their place under the revered five-minute mark within 24 hours of one another. 

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Over the weekend, Australian runner Josh Harris broke the world record with a 4:56.25 beer mile. He ran splits of 1:11, 1:18, 1:17, and final lap at 1:10 while chugging his four 12-ounce beers. But his mile didn't even have time to be verified by the governing beer mile body,, before Canadian Lewis Kent ran a 4:55.78 (video above) and clenched the record before Harris had a chance to enjoy his accomplishment.

Both runs are still pending authentication, but any doubts that these guys can do some serious running and drinking will be put to rest when Harris, Kent, Nielson, and two other former world record holders show up to race at the Beer Mile World Classic in San Francisco on August 22. 

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