Beluga whale gives birth in a first for China

Beluga whale gives birth
Beluga whale gives birth in China. Photo is a screen grab from the video report

After a 15-month pregnancy, a beluga whale at the Changsha Underwater World aquarium in China finally gave birth on Wednesday, and the amazing moment was captured on video. It is the first beluga whale to successfully breed in a China aquarium, according to the U.K. Independent.

The 8-year-old mother, Zhuo Ya, labored for five hours with the baby’s tail protruding from her until the moment it finally swam free. The U.K. Telegraph has the story:

The aquarium obtained Zhuo Ya from Russia in 2010 and uses her in beluga whale shows, but the Independent reported that the mother whale is expected to be given two years off from performing so that she can have time to rear her baby.

Understandably, many are opposed to keeping whales in captivity, in light of the documentary “Blackfish,” but no matter what side of the debate you’re on, we can all probably agree that seeing a beluga whale birth is something special.

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