Benji Wetherley

“The Mutt”by Peter King

Benji Weatherley is a magnet. I mean, he’s got magnetism, women to want to be with him, and men to want to be him. He can’t explain it and I won’t try. Blink – 182 wrote the hit song “Mutt,” that appeared in the movie American Pie, about Benji from experiences they witnessed while Benji lived with guitarist Tom Delonge.

On the North Shore five years ago, “Benji’s House” was the mecca of the current video vanguard in surfing. Careers were made at that house by simply standing on the porch.

Here’s the scene:

¿Taylor Steele was taping every turn and catapulting people into the limelight.

¿Kelly, Rob, Kalani, Ross, etc. were daily visitors.

¿There was a trampoline in the yard.

¿The house was situated right on Pipe.

¿Barbara and Bob Weatherley were paying the rent.

Now, with all these key factors lending importance to this location, the question arises: Was Benji even the main draw at “Benji’s House”?

The answer is a clear yes! And that mystic magnetism is why. He’s why they came, why they stayed, and why they became famous. Benji embodies all the personality and flair of his charismatic mother, the gentle side of his father’s strength, and uses it to create a constant 50 – foot radius of perfect, content, nonthreatening atmosphere wherever he may be.

This easy – going unexplainable force gives the “Mutt” the uncanny ability to move throughout the universe with all the nonchalance of a cumulous cloud. I’m not saying he’s an airhead¿far from it. He’s more like a thoughtful himbo, the male equivalent to a Baywatch babe, but one you could actually talk to, gamble, golf, or go surfing with.

Benji is surfing’s Brad Pitt. You want to hate him for being so cute and popular, but when you’re around him or see him perform, you realize what a great actor he is, I mean surfer, and fall in love all over again. Only one person I know of consistently detests Benji, and that’s his older, stronger brother, Jason.

“Dude, did he blow you or what? You act like people are drawn to him as if he were the Messiah!”

This resentment is understandable as Jason used to have a full head of hair and was himself once cute. Jason would go into the world and return with beautiful girls, introducing them to this unique subculture of new – school surf stars. He’d date them, they would realize he was an ass, and they would move on to other guys in the clique. Jason’s role as the one – man recruiting force is over. Now, he sees his dorky little brother garnering media attention, despite contest results, and is quite bewildered:

“He’s unproven. He just hangs around famous people. All he does is stand there and look stupid. He’s a good surfer, when he surfs, which is like three or four times a year! Gimme a break!”

So, is Benji in danger of losing his mojo? I doubt it, he’s too well liked, but anything is possible. I get the feeling if things go bad stateside for the “Mutt,” he’ll just resurface in Bali somewhere with Rizzo, giving back massages and surf lessons to traveling models (male or female). If you see Benji around, or hear that he’s gonna be at a beach near you¿run, don’t walk, to get in on that 50 – foot radius of contentment!

Facts File:

Born: June 10, 1975

Real name: Jordan

Likes to lay out and bronze up for his girlfriend.

Loves Las Vegas just as much as Indonesia.

Successfully pulled off a Blue Lagoon perm for over a year.

Wants to be the keyboard player for an 80s band.

Never won a pro event.

Wants to marry Bali’s Rizal Tanjung or Huntington Beach’s Jay Larson.

OAM, Gravis, Billabong, Justice, and Dragon hook him up.

Prefers Ala Moana mall to Pearl Ridge.


Quotes File:

Robert Hurley (Shaper): “Potentially the best shaper in the world!”

Rick Devoe (blink’s manager):”Ever since he separated with Tom, Tom’s not been the same.”

Jason Weatherley (Evil brother): “Does anyone even read TransWorld, anyway?”

Joe Curren (Cali stud):”He owes me 23 bucks.”

Mike Power (Katin Rep):”He’s the icon of beauty, in water and on land for girlies everywhere.”

Lyrics to “Mutt”

by blink – 182

He pauses shaving and he tells himself that he’s the bomb/

She has her curlers set, her credit cards are paying the funds/

He’s not that old, I’ve been told/ A strong sexual goal

She goes out every day/ She goes every way … oh yeah!/

They don’t even care at all

She’s open waiting for more/ I know he’s only looking to score/

It’s way too unhealthy/ Often they’ve typically/

Been starved for attention before

She smokes a dozen and he doesn’t seem to notice the smell/

He took the seat off his own bike because of the way that it felt/

He wants to bone, this I know/ She is ready to blow

They go out every night/ His pants are super tight … oh yeah!/

And they don’t even care at all.

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