Big Mountain Advice on Living Life and Skiing Free From Tanner Hall

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Tanner Hall is one of skiing’s most gifted athletes. In 2001, Hall won his first Winter X Games gold at age 17 (Big Air) and kept winning gold and silver in SlopeStyle and Superpipe for the next eight years. Outside the competitions, Hall co-founded ski brand Armada with the late JP Auclair and a handful of others “at the epicenter of skiing’s evolution” in the early 2000s. Pioneering the freeskiing movement helped Hall make his name, but it’s his attitude, drive, creativity and style that has made him a legend. And that potent mix of talent (and resiliency, bouncing back from a pair of devastating injuries) is not constrained to terrain parks. If you haven’t been paying attention, Hall has seamlessly established himself in the world of big mountain skiing—recently competing on the Freeride World Tour at age 35.

We caught up with Hall in Golden, B.C., at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort for the second stop on the FWT. Surrounded by young skiers with Hall posters and sharpies in hand, Hall graciously sat with the kids, answering their questions and sharing some life advice. These tips, however, aren’t just for the groms; any skier looking to push further into steeper terrain can benefit from Hall’s hard-earned lessons.

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Tanner Hall
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“Repetition is the father of learning,” Hall says. The full Zig Ziglar quote is, “Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment,” but we like Hall’s better. Science has proven that repetitive action builds neuromuscular memory, which inevitably encourages good habits. Want to get good at something? Do it a lot.

Stay moving

“Especially in the offseason, I always keep moving,” Hall tell the kids.
Over the years, Hall has had a few major injuries, which changed his direction in life and his career. But one of the most important factors that has helped him recover from injuries and stay motivated is to keep moving.

Think. More.

“I think a lot about what I am going to ski, I’ll write down observations, take notes.”
As a child and young adult, Hall’s “ADD” mind helped him focus just on skiing. Coupled with his natural abilities, this tunnel vision enabled wild feats almost automatically; as he grows older and matures, Hall can now appreciate the study of where and what he is going to ski.

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Try both ways

“You land your first 360? Try a 540, then a 720 and then try them the other way,” Hall tells the young crowd. Hall is constantly adding to his repertoire and trying new tricks, new ways to land tricks, new lines, and of course, new ways to film. This constant need to perfect and master tricks and think outside the box has always given Hall an edge.

Do everything

Proof is in the pudding. One of the reasons Hall has stayed relevant in the ski community is that he has diversified his skillset as a skier. From racing as a kid to moguls to halfpipes, Hall’s variety of skiing skills helped him become the skier he is today.

Have your CBD ready

Hall has never been shy about his love for cannabis products. While he doesn’t advocate for everyone to use cannabis, he does advocate for everyone to use CBD creams to help with sore muscles.

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