Best of El Niño at Jaws—Biggest Waves Ever SUP Surfed?

Best of El Niño at Jaws—Biggest Waves Ever SUP Surfed?

Mother Nature’s rowdiest prodigal son—El Niño—has been fussy this winter, throwing gale-force tantrums in his trans-oceanic bathtub and splashing up constant swell for a grateful community of SUP surfing rubber duckies. El Niño’s late-season tissy-fits are faring phenomenally for surfers in the Hawaiian Islands, and particularly for the big-wave hellmen and women at Maui’s Pe’ahi, which has been pumping prolifically as of late.

So prolifically in fact, that we, the media makers mainlined to the industry’s hottest new images and updates—the majority of which involve Jaws these days—must make a confession. Quite frankly, we’ve noticed ourselves growing a bit bored of Pe’ahi’s big-wave mania (Ed note: we say that with the utmost respect, regard and admiration for this awesome monument of our sport, and for the men and women who charge it).

Don’t get us wrong…We’re not bored in the sense that Pe’ahi’s freakish surf and surfers are anything less than remarkable in our view. But bored in the sense of that old saying (which we’re editing to suit our intentions): “For every beautiful (wave), there’s a (paddler/surfer) who’s bored of (surfing) it.” Or, in our cubical-confined staff’s case, paddlers/surfers tired of mind-(surfing) it via internet edits.

Admittedly and regrettably, we’ve been teetering on the verge of taking Jaws for granted as of late. Of being bored with the best big-wave on earth, and under-appreciating our oceanic provider’s most generous offerings…How spoiled we must have been.

That is, until the above edit came across our desks. An edit so invigorating, so purely energetic, depicting some of the most ballsy, bodacious and bad-ass big-wave SUP surfing we’ve yet to see. An edit displaying what are being called the “biggest waves ever paddled into standing up.” An edit with SUP surfing so undeniably awesome that not only is our enthusiasm for Pe’ahi reinvigorated with unprecedented appreciation, but that whenever a new Jaws edit graces our inboxes, we’ll be frothing to press play with more fervor than ever.

Here at SUP, we keep our ear to the water for the latest, greatest and gnarliest in our sport. And right now, Jaws is the latest, greatest and gnarliest in our sport. So press play and bear witness to it all: the prowess of the pioneering hellmen and women who blaze the trial of big-wave SUP progression. The death-defying drops on what are likely the “biggest waves ever” standup paddled. And as you bear witness, pay homage for the fact that Pe’ahi keeps pumping. Carry this appreciation with you always and we guarantee, you’ll never take another Jaws clip for granted. Especially when El Niño’s in the picture.

Stay tuned for a full gallery and interview with SUP photographer Eric Aeder, who was in the water for these sessions, coming this week.

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The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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