Bike rider attempted self-built 40-foot full loop and it did not go well

Matt Macduff had a dream: to build and ride a 40-foot full loop. A three year process, lots of trials and tribulations, schedule conflicts, a conquered 20-foot full loop, a successful Kickstarter campaign, a behind schedule timeline and four weeks of building “The Loop of Doom” in South Africa.

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But it was originally supposed to be two weeks of building and another two weeks of prep time and calculations before Macduff would actually give it a go. As Macduff said in a recent interview, “On the production side, you got to shoot this thing that is never been done before in a couple hours instead of two weeks. That’s insane!”

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So, with an entire team of dedicated people counting on him he went for it on March 19. With an 80-foot roll-in, Macduff actually had plenty of speed — too much in fact. Gravity did the rest, shooting him off the side of the ramp right onto all the hard-packed dirt they had put down and the result was 10 fractures in his right wrist and three fractures in his right ankle.

He’s currently back home in Ontario rehabbing and has just started walking again. While it clearly didn’t go well, it also could have gone much, much worse. Thankfully Macduff will make a full recovery, and might even be crazy enough to try The Loop of Doom again one day …

Get the full story on the Loop of Doom over on The Rise.

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