BMX pro Scotty Cranmer in critical condition after severe bike accident

Professional BMX rider Scotty Cranmer is in critical condition in a Las Vegas hospital after a head-first fall off his bike on October 12.

According to TW RIDE BMX, Cranmer “caught his front wheel in a hole that catapulted him into a face plant without time to get his hands in front of him. Suffering several facial fractures, cerebral hemorrhage and damage to his C4 and C5 vertebrae.”

Cranmer, 29, has been a stalwart in BMX park for years now. He is tied with Dave Mirra for the most X Games medals (9) in BMX park. His YouTube channel has been a major focus lately, with the subscriber base now over 611,000. This devastating crash comes after he broke his back at this summer’s X Games.

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His wife and dad were rushed to Las Vegas to be by his side, thanks to the help of Road2Recovery who has started a donation campaign here. According to TW RIDE BMX’s Ryan Fudger, Cranmer “is awake, he is responding to questions accurately, and he is able to move. But, he has a long road ahead of him.”

Doctors have deemed that he is strong and stable enough for surgery on his vertebrae. Lots of things remain to be seen at this point. All we can do is hope the surgeries go well and this is the first step on Cranmer’s road to recovery.

Stay tuned to GrindTV for more updates and head to his Road2Recovery donation campaign if you would like to help help Cranmer and his wife.

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