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Each Tuesday, we’ll highlight a company in Canoe and Kayak’s 2010 Boat Book. Today, we look at the 2010 designs of Clipper Canoe. Stay tuned next week for more sacred crafts.

Fiberglass $7,495, Kevlar $8,995 (Canadian dollars)
L: 29′; W: 51″; composite 390 lbs., Kevlar 325 lbs.
This 14 passenger canoe has a shallow arch hull that provides great stability while the moderate rocker allows quick turns. The hull is stiffened with a inch vacuum bagged foam core. Choose a standard color or the optional simulated birch bark. Two Langleys will fit on an 8 ‘ wide trailer. Great outfitter canoe.

Fiberglass $13,000 (Canadian dollars)
L: 36′; W: 58″; 550 lbs.
This 18 paddler canoe is patterned after the traditional canoes used by First Nations People on the West Coast. It has enough capacity to accommodate passengers in the middle of the seats, as well as lots of gear. It’s a serious ocean going, group-tripping canoe. For info call 1 866 644-8111.

Fiberglass $5,395, Kevlar $6,500 (Canadian dollars)
L: 22′; W: 48″; composite 240 lbs., Kevlar 185 lbs.
The Mariner is happy to be paddled by 3 to 8 paddlers. Great for river tripping, ocean canoeing, and suitable for large families, camps, or guiding. It features a shallow arch hull, moderate rocker and a keelless bottom. The bottom is stiffened with a vacuum-bagged foam core. Zero maintenance materials.

Fiberglass $1,745, Kevlar $2,395, Kevlar Ultralight $2595, Custom Kevlar $2945 (Canadian)
L: 17’6″, W: 35″; FG 70 lbs., KV 60 lbs., Ultralight Kevlar 54 lbs., Custom KV 44 lbs.
The standard Kevlar layup pictured here has a vacuum bagged foam core for extra stiffness and extra Kevlar reinforcing in the bow and stern. Standard features include a sliding bow seat, comfortable portage yoke, and stern footbrace. At home on rivers, lakes and oceans, this canoe is known for its stability and speed. Spray deck available.

Fiberglass $1,695, Kevlar $2,350, Ultralight Kevlar $2,550, Custom Kevlar $2,945 (Canadian)
L: 16’6″, W: 32″ (31.5″ at 4″ waterline); FG 66 lbs., KV 56 lbs., Ultra 48 lbs., Custom KV 42 lbs.
Patterned after the popular Tripper listed above, this canoe has added tumblehome to accommodate the solo paddler. It comes standard with a kneeling thwart behind the yoke, a sliding bow seat, deep dish portage yoke, and footbrace. This is a great solo/tandem crossover canoe. Awesome speed. Skirt available.

Fiberglass $1,495, Kevlar $2,250, Kevlar Duraflex $2,395, KV Ultralight $2,495 (Canadian)
L: 15’9″, W: 35″; FG 70 lbs., KV 56 lbs., KV Dura 60 lbs., KV Ultra 52 lbs.
This canoe, shown in fiberglass, has one of the most rugged fiberglass layups on the market. It has multiple layers of Kevlar in the bow and stern. Moderately rockered for river paddling, yet it tracks well on lakes, and carries a good payload. Standard: wood web seats and portage yoke. Footbrace and sprayskirt optional.

Fiberglass $1,695, Kevlar $2,395, Kevlar Duraflex $2,595, Ultralight $2,595 (Canadian)
L: 17’2″, W: 36″; FG 74 lbs., KV 62 lbs., KV DURA 68 lbs., KV Ultra 56 lbs.
This canoe is the number 1 choice as a wilderness tripping/occasional grade 3/carry a lot of gear type of canoe. All Kevlar versions come with a foam core. Fiberglass layup is very rugged with Kevlar reinforcing as well. Moderate rocker makes it at home on lakes as well. Portage yoke, web seats standard.

Fiberglass $1,545, Kevlar $2,275, Ultralight $2,450 (Canadian dollars)
L: 16’8″, W: 36″; FG 66 lbs., KV 56 lbs., KV Ultra 52 lbs.
The most stable standard tandem canoe in Clipper’s lineup. Great for taking out the kids, dogs, or throwing around the fishing line. Great speed as well. Use it as a tripping canoe, or just enjoy paddling with the family. Comfortable bucket seats, footbrace and yoke are standard.

Fiberglass $1,795, Kevlar $2,650, KV Ultralight $2,795 (Canadian dollars)
L: 16.6″, W: 37″;FG 84 lbs., KV 68 lbs., KV Ultra 62 lbs.
Clipper makes a 15′, 16’6″ and an 18′ square stern. This model is the midsized version. They all share the same characteristics of big volume with a hull shape designed for paddling as well. All layups including glass, have many extra layers of Kevlar in the bow and stern. We ship direct to anywhere in N. America.

Fiberglass $1,950, Kevlar $2,750, KV Ultra $2,945 (Canadian dollars)
L: 18’6″, W: 37″; FG 78 lbs., KV 68 lbs., KV Ultra 62 lbs.
This is a BIG volume tripping canoe. It will carry Mom, Dad, kids and all your gear for an extended trip. You don’t have to take 2 canoes, when one will do you. Standard features are portage yoke, sliding bow seat, footbrace and the most rugged layup on the market. Great speed, great stability.

The article was originally published on Canoe & Kayak

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