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Each week, we highlight companies in Canoe & Kayak’s 2010 Boat Book. Today, we look at the 2010 designs of Epic Kayaks. Stay tuned next week for more from our Boat Book.

L: 12′ 11″; W: 25″; 37 lbs./$1,495 (Value/Fiberglass); 31 lbs./$1,995 (Performance/Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber/ Kevlar); 25 lbs./$2,495 (Ultra/Woven Kevlar)
The GPX is available in three construction types, weighing 25, 31, or 37 lbs., making carrying it to the water almost as much fun as paddling it. Fully outfitted for touring, the GPX is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, responsive day-touring kayak that is as easy to manage on land as it is in water.

L: 16′; W: 23″; 40 lbs./$2,995 (Performance/Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber/ Kevlar); 34 lbs./$3,995 (Ultra/Woven Kevlar); 46 lbs./ $4,295 (Expedition/ New super-strong hybrid of Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber/Kevlar)
Offering a unique combination of stability, maneuverability and speed, the lightweight and sporty 16X includes the advanced Epic Track Master(tm) steering system, an adjustable seat, and front deck cutaways for a closer, more efficient stroke. Ample storage space makes the 16X an excellent choice for day trips and extended overnight excursions.

L: 18′; W: 22″; 41 lbs./42 lbs./$2,995 (Performance/Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber/ Kevlar); 35 lbs./36 lbs./$3,995 (Ultra/Woven Kevlar); 47 lbs./48 lbs./ $4,295 (Expedition/ New super-strong hybrid of Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber/Kevlar)
Designed for the intermediate to advanced paddler seeking a distinct edge in a high-performance kayak. Cruise with exceptional ease and speed, and paddle with confidence in rough water; perfect for long cruises and expeditions. The 18X Sport features 3/4″ wider waterline for increased stability. Features the Track Master Steering System, new day hatch and more.

L: 20′; W: 19″; 37 lbs./$1,895 (Value/Fiberglass); 33 lbs./$2,395 (Performance/Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber/ Kevlar); 25 lbs./$3,395 (Ultra/Woven Kevlar); 21 lbs./$4,395 (Elite/Woven Carbon Fiber)
The V10 Sport offers terrific flatwater speed and exceptional rough water performance. This surfski is more comfortable for beginner to intermediate ski paddlers, particularly those learning proficiency in rough water and waves. The V10 Sport accommodates paddlers from 5′ to 6’7″; the footbrace is fully adjustable with self-adjusting pedals.

L: 21′; W: 17.1″; 36 lbs./$1,995 (Value/Fiberglass); 32 lbs./$2,495 (Performance/Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber/ Kevlar); 23 lbs./$3,495 (Ultra/Woven Kevlar); 20 lbs./$4,495 (Elite/Woven Carbon Fiber)
Welcome to the next evolution! New in 2009 – the V12 surfski. The goal of the V12 was to make our fastest surf ski yet. Mission accomplished! For flat to moderate conditions the speed of this ski is unmatched (with the bailer closed it is approximately 3 % faster than our V10).

The article was originally published on Canoe & Kayak

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