Border agents find $550,000 worth of marijuana near AZ hiking trail

When hiking on trails in the western United States, it’s always smart to keep your head on a swivel. Landscapes can change quickly and dramatically, you can instantly find yourself face-to-face with an unhappy rattlesnake or — if you’re hiking near Patagonia, Arizona — you can stumble upon over $500,000 worth of marijuana.

According to the Arizona Daily Star, on Monday, Border Patrol agents in Arizona found over 1,100 pounds of marijuana valued at more than $550,000 just off a hiking trail not far from the Mexican border.

The marijuana was wrapped in cellophane and separated into 55 individual bundles. Border Patrol conducted a search for smugglers in the area after making the discovery, but found no trace of anybody nearby, as reported by the Daily Star. The marijuana was then transported to the U.S. Border Patrol Sonoita Station for processing.

This wouldn’t be the first time the worlds of outdoor sports and drug smuggling intersected.

patagonia arizona patagonia hiking trail
Outside of beautiful vistas the trails of Patagonia (above) apparently make for a great drug smuggling route. Photo: Courtesy of Phillip Capper/Flickr

In December, famous Miami fisherman “Mark the Shark” found a kilogram of cocaine floating off the South Florida coast while on a fishing charter.

And in two separate incidents over a three-month span in 2015, smugglers attempted to use scuba gear and a hollowed-out surfboard to smuggle cocaine and methamphetamine over the U.S. border from Mexico.

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