Boston Cyclists Commute Through Snow Tunnel

Winter Storm Remus has already canceled more than 1,000 flights this week as it hits a massive stretch from Colorado and North Texas to Virginia and Massachusetts. The snow, sleet, and ice add further injury to an already harsh winter, and no major city has had it as bad as Boston. While most of the country prepares to get through a few miserable commutes and road closings, cyclists in Boston have already resorted to tunneling through the snow to get to work.

When a group of commuting cyclists, led by guitar technician Ari Goldberger, found a portion of the bike path between Medford and Boston under a 15-foot pile of snow last week, they decided that they'd rather go through it than around it. After 10 hours of digging, the result was a 40-foot long snow tunnel straight through the mountain of snow, tall and wide enough for a biker to pass through. Unfortunately, the tunnel lasted just two days before it was plowed in and destroyed.

"It was definitely a fun thing — haven't you always wanted to make a giant, giant snow tunnel?" Goldberger told Mashable. "Given the opportunity, I might do it again, but I really hope that the opportunity doesn't present itself."

As the bad weather keeps rolling in and your hands freeze on the handlebars, just be thankful that you aren't tunneling through 40 feet of snow to get to work. 

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