Brazilian SUP Barrel Hunter | Marcio Grillo

Brazilian SUP Barrel Hunter | Marcio Grillo

Some people just seem to be born without fear. No matter how many times they take a beating, they just get back up and keep charging. Brazilian paddler Marcio Almeida is a perfect example. Known as “Grillo”– which means cricket in Spanish–this man is constantly on the hunt for bigger waves, or more specifically, bigger barrels.

Yet for every good barrel ride, there is always the stories of barrels gone wrong. While Grillo has had his fair share of both, nothing seems slow him down. Check out this sick edit featuring the thrills and spills of the Grillo’s barrel-hunting adventures at Maresias Beach in São Sebastião, Brazil.

of fellow Brazilian barrel-hunter Lucas Medeiros.

 of former SUP champ Leco Salazar shredding in Brazil.

The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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