Brennan Rose: A Life On the Go

Brennan Rose lives a dynamic life both on and off his SUP. Photo courtesy Brennan Rose

Brennan Rose: A Life on the Go

Brennan Rose is a jack of many trades. He’s a standup paddler, a surfer, construction worker, coach, surf instructor, fisherman, model, nanny, clothing designer, and his most recent endeavor, a real estate agent.

While Rose acknowledges he could likely improve his rankings if he focused on standup paddling full-time, he likes his lifestyle and is a true believer in balance and hard work.

“I’ve always been a working man. I just love challenges. That’s why I’m excited about this real estate thing, it works good with my lifestyle,” Rose says. “I probably could live off standup paddling, but I like to spend money and have nice things. That’s why I work.”

Rose works hard in every aspect of his life. He rises early each morning, putting in a workout and maybe giving a lesson or two before heading to the office. There, he puts in a solid five or six hours before heading out for a second session on the water. Tired and sweaty, he returns home, cooks a healthy meal, and wraps up his work for the day before hitting the hay. Then it’s up at the crack of dawn to start the cycle anew.

Rose throws one off the top on his raceboard in between heats at the Pacific Paddle Games. Photo: Greg Panas

Although Rose is a busy man, he is no stranger to community. He makes time for friends, family, and is an active member in the SUP community. When asked his favorite part about standup paddling, he stumbles over an answer for a while before finally setting on the community. He’s a sucker for the people.

Rose has partnered with his sponsor, Tommy Bahama, to start a local paddling group in Newport Beach, Calif. Someday they may consider adding races to the program, but for now they just want it to be a place where people can paddle in community and enjoy each other’s company.

“It’s a time where we can all be together and share stories and techniques,” Rose says of the program. “Everyone likes to paddle with someone, so we’re trying to design a community to share the stoke and share the love of the ocean.”

Rose’s love for the ocean is by no means restricted to southern California. His is a life on the go, always traveling and always planning his next adventure. He travels for races, for waves, for beautiful scenery, with clients, and for the sheer joy of exploring new places.

He regards this past year as a slow one and yet he’s still been to Catalina Island, Big Sur, Hawaii, Seattle, Miami, Bali and the Maldives. While Rose has always preferred paddling Mother Nature’s bounty, this past year has opened his eyes to city paddling as well.

Rose lines up a cold one. Photo courtesy Rose

“I’m a nature guy, so I’m always paddling in beautiful places with a lot of greenery. But it’s really cool to see the city from the water’s perspective, because a lot of people don’t.”

Rose is still working on his schedule for the rest of 2017, but he plans to explore more cities, compete in the Santa Cruz Paddlefest, return to the Maldives, and head to Mexico for an epic surf trip after PPG. In addition to traveling, Rose plans to continue to grow his real estate business, focus on training and competing, and introduce more people to SUP through the lessons he offers.

“It’s going to be a stressful, challenging year,” he admits. “But when you stay busier, you stay happier.” —Rebecca Parsons

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