British parkour team breaks many Joshua Tree National Park rules in videos

The national park system is all about preserving natural areas for future generations to enjoy. It’s about taking responsibility, but with the proliferation of social media in recent years we’ve seen some pretty boneheaded actions within national parks by people attempting to “get the shot.”

A British parkour team may have just raised the bar on this front recently when they took Joshua Tree National Park by storm and broke a plethora of park rules designed to ensure wildlife and visitor safety — as well as rules aimed at preserving the parks for the future.

As reported by KCET, a parkour group representing the British-based sport clothing brand Storror Parkour violated drone flight rules while shooting a commercial promotion without possibly obtaining proper permits.

They also built a large campfire outside of designated fire rings and gathered firewood in the Park. Most of these violations (breaking very necessary park rules) were filmed and placed within their promotional video.

The video even shows that they knowingly broke the “no drone flight” rule, as when they entered the park they discussed the fact that they were going to fly the drones anyways.

And when they did, birds attacked the drones. While the original YouTube videos have since been removed, as the group has received plenty of backlash from commenters for their actions, there are always remnants to be found on the internet.

Running up the trunk of a Joshua Tree is not good for it. Screenshot by DIY Photography

There is no word yet if the Storror Parkour crew will face any repercussions for these violations, or if the National Park Service is conducting an investigation.

Stay tuned for an update on this story, and take a refresher on how to be a better national park visitor.

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