Afbro-American–Your bro who’s an African-American.

Example: “Did you see that guy who looks like Michael Jordan destroying Del Mar Jetties yesterday? That’s my Afbro-American friend Willie!”

brobalization–The slow spread of bros around the world.

Example: “My brobalization plan is moving ahead now that my bro Jesse lives in Chile.”

brogram–Kind of sponsored by a company, but you’re a bro.

Example: “Dale needs to be on the brogram–he’s been totally ripping Pillbox.”

bromo box–What you send that sponsored bro.

Example: “Desi sent me a bromo box, and it had ten pairs of Adios in it–hell yeah!”

brotogenic–A photogenic bro.

Example: “Every time I shoot photos of my bro Josh, I get good results–he’s totally brotogenic.”

Eurbropean–A bro from Europe.

Example: “My Welsh bro Skin is a total Eurbropean–he gave me the wave of the day at Newquay last summer.”

Abrocrombie And Fitch
A preppie bro. Example: Dave went away to college and came back wearing a sweater around his neckhes like a total Abrocrombie And Fitch.

When bros make acronyms for broish things. Example: Dude, I say we go to Beacons for some SITTsuper irie tube time.

Your bro whos an African-American. Example: Did you see that guy who looks like Michael Jordan destroying Del Mar Jetties yesterday? Thats my Afbro-American friend Willie!

Love potion for bros. Example: Last week some girl gave me a drink, and I ended up kissing her that nightshe totally slipped me an afbrodesiac!

A bro who surfs with his arms spread out. Example: When Sage flies down the line with his arms out, he flies like an albrotross.

Figuring out the Hawaiian wave scale. Example: Wot, dat wave was bigga den a housemust be two ta tree feet. Use sum algebrah, kook.

Almond Broca
A bro who is super bronzed up. Example: I saw Rosey today, and he was so bronzed. Even in the wintertime, hes always an Almond Broca.

A bro who can throw a shaka with his left or right hand. Example: Jameys totally ambrodextroushe can surf switch and throw sick shakas with either hand. Hell yeah!

The study of old-school bros. Example: Dude, I enjoy studying Jameys super-shred, tree-barrel, skate styleits like anthbropology.

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