Built for Training: Ace an Adventure Race—General Prep

Interested in a long-distance journey trudging through mud and treking along trails? Maybe you’d prefer crawling, carrying and climbing your way through an extreme obstacle course? Regardless of the path and challenge you choose, you’d better be prepared for the tasks at hand. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

Over the next three weeks we’ll be bringing you our Built for Training Video Series: Powered by Gillette. Tune in for expert advice and straight-from-the-trenches strategies that will ensure pure domination when you hit the course. The first step to ace an adventure race is to train right. So in this installment we paid a visit to John Annillo, Director of Operations at Training for Warriors for his five tips to getting in race-ready condition. Watch and learn and then check out the 4-week training structure and program we’ve provided below.

And be sure to come back next Thursday when we visit a Reebok Spartan Race training course and take on the toughest obstacles.


4-Week Training Structure >>



Total Body Strength + 1 Mile Run Total Body Strength + 1.5 Mile Run Total Body Strength + 2 Mile Run Total Body Strength + 2.5 Mile Run


Anaerobic/Conditioning Circuit (30 Min) Conditioning Circuit Conditioning Circuit Conditioning Circuit


Recovery/Mobility Recovery/Mobility Recovery/Mobility Recovery/Mobility


Trail Run + BW; 2 Miles Total Trail Run + BW; 2 Miles Total Trail Run + BW; 2.5 Miles Total Trail Run + BW; 2.5 Miles Total


Total Body Strength (30 Min) Total Body Strength (30 Min) Total Body Strength (30 Min) Total Body Strength (30 Min)


Moderate/Light Run (2 Miles) Moderate/Light Run (2 Miles) Moderate/Light Run (3 Miles) Moderate/Light Run (3 Miles)


Rest Rest Rest Rest

Workout Samples >>

Total Body Strength: focus on mult-joint lifts to ensure adequate strength. Volume is low to avoid fatigue in other workouts.

Squats 3×8 Overhead Press 3×8 Bench Press 3×8
Pull Ups 3×10 Deadlifts 4×3 Inverted Row 3×12

Anaerobic Conditioning (20-30 Min Energy Circuit): Perform each exercise one after another. Rest 2 minutes and repeat the circuit

KB Swings – 15 reps Push Ups – 15 reps Ladder – 45 seconds
Bodyweight Squats – 15 reps Assisted Pistols – 5 each leg Med Ball Slam – 20 reps


Foam Roll Hip Swings Fire Hydrants
Lying Hamstring Stretch Side Leg Raise Wide-Outs


John Annillo, CSCS is the Director of Operations for Training for Warriors, which has over 30 locations around the world. For more on John follow him on Twitter.

Training for Warriors is a training system used by everyone from Olympic medalists to the average gym goer. TFW certifies personal trainers to use their system and has over 70 licensed locations that offer their program to help people bring out their warrior within. For more, check out their website at TrainingForWarriors.com