Breakfast In the Wild

camp food
Photo: Anders Klint

By Anders Klint

The archipelago between Sweden and Finland moves quietly as we glide in our kayaks through the reeds and out into deep water toward Finland. The water laps against the kayak, and the compass in front of the cockpit sways here, now there. But it’s stuck, just like the cell phone, map, water bottle and anything else that might fall overboard.

The sun shines brightly over us, the rays thrust deep into the water. Soon we see no ground, and then we as two small spearheads cut our way out of the island Runmarö in Värmdö east of Stockholm, farther out over the vast deep blue.

As so often, we enjoy being able to slide into one of the archipelago’s little nooks, where paddlers are always alone, enjoying the archipelago. We find a peaceful and tranquil natural harbor that is too small for boats but perfect for two paddlers.

Here we fry pancakes with fresh eggs and real milk that we can have with us in the kayak. Fresh water however, we must replenish along the way because we drink a lot in the heat. As there are no shops along the route we hope to be lucky to find wells on the islands.

At Grönskär we find an old but functioning water pump with the help of charts and gps. The water is crystal clear and healthy. It tastes sweet. We fill our bottles so we can handle a few more days of adventure.

One of overnight paddling’s greatest joys is camp cooking—especially sweet treats. I want to share with you some of my favorite camp food desserts, which are both simple and super yummy.

Campfire pancakes

There are actually no pancakes in the world better than the ones made in wild. I usually add a little luxury of vanilla sugar to the pancake batter. The freshly baked vanilla buns smell really delicious when you stand there and cook. No dinner in itself, but an oh-so-good dessert out in the open!

Serve with jam, raspberries, blueberries, cream, sugar, syrup, butter … or with any of your favorites!

camp food
Photo: Anders Klint

Recipe for 8-10 pancakes
2 cups flour
4 cups milk
2 eggs
2 pinches of salt
just a hint of vanilla sugar
Butter for frying

How to do it:
Whisk together the flour with half the milk to a smooth batter. Add the egg and remaining milk, salt and vanilla sugar. Whisk everything well. Pour batter into a PET bottle, add little butter in the pan before the batter is poured in, and bake on a pan by the campfire, then just eat!

The article was originally published on Canoe & Kayak

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