La Chanchita: The camper van of your dreams

la chanchita camper van
La Chanchita provides rooming and transportation for South American tourists. Photo courtesy of

The only thing cooler than finally roaming among the snow-capped peaks of Patagonia? Doing it in La Chanchita.

La Chanchita is a 1966 Mercedes-Benz bus that looks pretty modest from the outside, but step inside and you’re transported away into your own mini-cabin complete with a working toilet, four-burner gas stove, sink, shower, and even a wood-burning stove. The bus can house five people comfortably for a trip to through the Andes.

The refurbished bus took nine months to revamp, but the owners did it with a pretty lofty goal in mind: to bring more skiers, climbers, and photographers to South America and give them the best off-the-grid experience possible. Having a rentable bus would certainly solve some of the problems plaguing travelers trying to experience certain areas of the continent, like sparse accommodations and even sparser transportation services that bring travelers to the remote Andes ski resorts and camps.

la chanchita bus
The revamped interior of La Chanchita looks like a luxury cabin on wheels. Photo courtesy of
La Chanchita
The old Mercedes-Benz bus is rentable for trips through the Andes mountains in South America. Photo courtesy of
La Chanchita wood-burning stove
A wood-burning stove sits in the corner of La Chanchita bus. Photo courtesy of
Patagonia just got a whole lot better thanks to La Chanchita bus. Photo courtesy of

Learn more at La Chancita’s website.

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