Can you use a hoverboard as a skateboard?

In what may (hopefully) be peak hoverboard fodder, one man sought to find out if you could skate a hoverboard.

Shonduras (aka Shaun McBride) tried all kinds of weird contraptions as snowboards this winter to see if they’d shred, and now that it’s warm for good, he decided to tackle the Internet’s biggest obsession of the last five-or-so months.

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So will a hoverboard shred as a skateboard? McBride finds some old lawn mower blades to use as a stabilizer for keeping the hoverboard together. They attach a set of trucks and wheels to it and McBride then brings it out to a skate park for the test.

It passes with flying colors, and he even gets an air out of the bowl on it. This might be the best use of these “hoverboards” that we’ve seen to date.

We'd say the hoverboard skateboard definitely shreds.
We’d say the hoverboard skateboard definitely shreds.

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