How to carry your mountain bike

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Whether you’re hitting up an unknown trail during a big adventure or just trying to reach that epic descent you know lies on the other side of a peak, carrying a bike is one of those things all enthusiasts have to conquer.

It’s often an ugly endeavor that leaves you one of two things: greasy and scratched up from an awkward lift stance or humiliated by others in your group who already have the haul down pat. To make sure you’re confident about carrying your mountain bike, Trail Doctor Dan Milner has a few quick tips to share.

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Few people have carried their bike in so many diverse and remote places as this pro bike photographer and adventurer. In this segment Milner reveals some hard-learned secrets on how to carry your bike with minimal effort. That is, mastering the right technique to make something that’s super squirrelly look easy, at least.

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“Effective carrying is all in simplifying the action of shifting the bike on and off your back,” Milner says. “Get it wrong and you’ll be floundering in a tangle of pedals and backpack straps, left to stagger up a steep trail with a bike that sits uncomfortably. But get it right and the art of carrying a bike is no longer an obstacle to scaling impossibly steep climbs.”

Once dialed, this skill will let you carry your bike safely, efficiently and comfortably—and could just open up a whole new world of descents.

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