Case of mysterious ghost-like girl in trail camera photo is finally solved

New landowners in Upstate New York were planning to use the property as a hunting area so they set up a trail camera to make sure nobody was using the wooded region located in Washington County.

Upon checking the trail camera, they discovered a mysterious, ghost-like image of a little girl and contacted Cambridge police chief, George Bell, who confirmed the photo was real. He told News 10 he had never seen anything like it.

“I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve never heard of a ghost running around the woods,” he said.

In an attempt to identify the child, the photo was released to the public a few weeks ago, creating a buzz around the small town and on social media about ghosts, apparitions and paranormal activity.

“I think it’s a ghost,” one woman told News 10. “It’s definitely a spirit.”

“I think it’s just a little girl playing in the woods,” another said. “I don’t think it’s a ghost.”

“I don’t know,” yet another said. “It’s kind of hard to believe whatever you see on social media nowadays.”

Chief Bell admitted “there is some creepy stuff in this town,” but added that “there has to be an explanation; I just hope they come forward soon to clear it up.”

Well, they finally did on Wednesday.

The blurry photo of a little girl in the woods that looks like a spirit is actually a poor-quality photo of the granddaughter of local businessman Chic Wilson, according to the latest report by 10 News.

Wilson and his granddaughter were walking down a four-wheeler path around the time the photo was captured. He had no idea the photo was creating such a stir until someone taped a copy of it on his door.

“Some people were really hoping this was a ghost story,” Wilson told 10 News. “I absolutely do.”

Well, it was for a while anyway.

h/t USA Today

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