Catalina Island: Shark Bumps Woman Off Kayak

As reported on La Times

Recently, commercial fishermen witnessed a medium-sized great white shark attack on a harbor seal, on the remote windward side of Santa Catalina Island. On Sunday a woman kayaking off West Cove near the island’s isthmus claimed to have been bumped off her kayak by a large shark.

“My first thought was, `Wow, was that a whale?”‘ Bettina Pereira told KCAL news. “I couldn’t believe it and all of a sudden when I seen the fin I realized this is not a whale — this is a shark. By the time I thought that … the shark was already cruising under me and lifting the kayak up with its body, and I landed out of the kayak right onto the shark’s body.”

Nearby boaters drove to the rescue, pulled Pereira aboard and helped her to shore. Her son told her husband she’d been attacked by a shark.

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