Caught On Video: Scuba Divers Survive Great White Shark Attack

As reported by Sophie Tedmanson for the UK Times Online.

In a scene that could have come straight out of Jaws, two scuba divers in Mexico had a heart stopping experience when a 15ft great white shark slammed into their metal shark cage and ripped it open, leaving them stranded as bait.

The whole incident, which took place last year at the Isla de Guadalupe, has emerged on YouTube where it has been watched by over half a million people.

The incredible footage shows the 2 tonne predator feeding on tuna as the two men in wetsuits, who had paid about £2000 for the ‘ultimate shark diving experience’ watched from inside a six-year-old steel shark cage.

According to the diver who posted the video, the attack by the giant ocean predator – known as CC or Cut Caudal among regular divers in the area – was actually an accident that happened after the shark unwittingly blinded itself while feeding on fish.

CC apparently instinctively rolled his eyes back as he took some bait and rammed into the viewing window of the cage, narrowly missing the head of one of the divers.

As the shocked divers tried to swim out of the way, the shark’s entire head, up to its pectoral fins, was jammed into the small window.

Panicked, the man-eater thrashed from side to side to free its snout from the cage but instead removed the front of the cage with its enormous weight.

As one of the divers kept filming the other managed to open the emergency escape hatch and the two were pulled to safety by crew members on board their boat, The Searcher.

The diver who posted the video online under the pseudonym ScubaDubaDive, said the shark – apparently one of four great whites in the vicinity – was not angry or provoked, and was “definitely not attacking us or the cage”.

“It is just that after it hit the tuna in front of the cage its eyes were closed to protect them. It hit the cage blind and then reacted,” said the diver, who was back in the water 15 minutes later.

“Never-the-less it scared the **** out of me!!! “

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