Chewbacca and a Stormtrooper tear up Mammoth

Stormtroopers are equipped with magnetized anti-gravity boots, but there’s no need for those at Mammoth Mountain.

According to photos taken by Peter Morning, they do just fine on the mountain defying gravity on a snowboard.

In honor of Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ opening today, pro snowboarders Jaeger Bailey and Garrett Warnick took to the slopes as two iconic Star Wars characters: a Stormtrooper and Chewbacca, respectively.

It’s well known that Chewie is a great mechanic and pilot, but these photos show the Wookie is also a great rider.

The Stormtrooper is pretty good too, considering the bulky suit has got to be difficult to deal with.

The two battle it out on the slopes each knocking the other down in the park.

They also take it into the woods, throwing it back to when Chewbacca had to hide in the brush to attack Stormtroopers when the Rebel Alliance attacked the shield generator on Endor.

Chewie also rocks some goggles, because even Wookies need eye protection.

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