Chuck Patterson is back charging massive Jaws on skis

Chuck Patterson is a jack-of-all-trades in the ocean — a true waterman who excels at everything from hydrofoil riding to big-wave surfing to standup paddleboard racing. There’s not much Patterson can’t (and won’t) do in the water.

But of all his various aquatic pursuits, there is one that stands out for sheer originality: Big-wave surf “skiing.”

Patterson carves down the faces of massive waves on skis as if they were snow-covered peaks in the Swiss Alps. Specifically, he really, really likes to rip up the famed Maui big-wave break Peahi (aka “Jaws”).

And on Wednesday, GoPro released a new video of Patterson returning to his stomping grounds at Jaws. The results speak for themselves:

And, Patterson even seems to have inspired a new era of big-wave surf skiing (like Jamie O’Brien’s friend “Poopies”) to give it a go.

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