Cityscape | Buffalo

Words: JP Gillespie
Photos: Justin Faso


Dan Plunkett, Sal Viglietta, Jake Donnelly, Kiefer Laboy, Tony Huffnagle, Mike Simpson, Nick Helkias, Dave Weaver, Kit Bowman, Marcus Sears, Dave Eoannou, Shawn Claps, Jim Cielencki, Jeremy Mazguy, Paul Gizzarelli, Tony Page(R.I.P), Ben Wahl, Bill Bottriell, Brandon Casey, Chad Coates, Ramon Sanchez, J.P. Gillespie, Jay Stankiewicz, Kevin Nyitrai, ‘Lil’Anthony, Wes Adamski,, Issac Knipling, Brian Macintosh, Ani DiFranco & The Goo Goo Dolls.


Track Masters: Banks with a hip that’s made out of sidewalk block size slabs of natural stone. It takes a minute to warm up
to but has been host to a few photo’s & ad’s in magazines from the past. Corner of North & Franklin street.

Hutch Tech High School: A old high school that has just had a new face lift in the form of new ledges, handrails, gaps, etc. Watch out for extreme over use of wax on ledges,the rollerbladers can’t seem too resist the urge to over use it. Corner of Elmwood & Chippewa.

Downtown: Main street is closed off to driving traffic due to the above ground transit system. Obviously better at night after business hours. Just follow the subway tracks down(south), check out the baseball stadium ledges and monument make your way to the Donovan building, home to some black marble ledges & gaps. Just wander around, there is always something.

Ledge Spot: Cleverly named it is Buffalo’s foundation spot that most cities seem to have these day’s. Made with cinder blocks, Liquid Nails, and a lotta love . You will find rails, long double sided ledges, manny pads, gaps, pole jams and a new ledge to drop. Home to one of the best spots to watch the sun set in the city, after skating relax with the crew and a beer.(corner of Ohio & Miami street)

Green Benches: Smooth ground & metal benches, lines all day. However this is a public basketball court in the east side of the city. Be nice and stoke out the little guy’s and let em ride your board a bit,it makes you a bit more welcome to the older guy’s shooting hoops.(on Best street across from city honors high school)

Tupper Street: Tall rectangle planters that are sandwiched between curb cuts. Made for those who have taken there vitamins, not small at all. There’s also a bump to fire hydrant across the street. (Tupper street between Elmwood & Delaware)

Yellow Rails: Open parking lot with tall balance beam sized yellow flat bars. Again a new board and a full stomach helps. (behind Marshalls on Delaware)

Explore: At the the heart of skateboading, and the eternal message of Animal Chin. Go lose yourself and you might find something.


Sunday: A place for everyone to meet up and be a part of it. Raising a pack of wolves for the future around the beauty that skateboarding can bring as friends & family.587 Potomac ave.

Relentless: A guy in a van selling stuff on the streets. Complete with a disco ball and a miniature casket inside. Private skate lessons available (you can’t make this stuff up).

Phatman: Snow, skate, and surf in the suburbs. (2853 Sheridan Dr, Tonawanda, NY)


Anchor Bar: Famous for inventing “Buffalo Chicken Wings”. Order ’em crispy & hot with a pitcher of Genny Cream Ale (named after the polluted river next to the brewery). A must go to spot for anyone who comes to town (1047 Main St.)

Mighty Taco: locally owned cheap “Mexican” food. One of the first stops when people are home visiting (Delaware Ave.)

Jim’s Steakout: Open till 5am: The place to grab a “Philly” cheese steak at hours so late that you should be sleeping.(Elmwood Ave. or Allen St.)

Falafel Bar: The name says it all. Mediterranean food & wraps across from Sunday (1009 Elmwood Ave.)

FatBobs: BBQ at it’s best with sides of homemade mac & cheese and mashed potatoes. Just watch out for the food coma or the “itis” after eating here. you will be taking a nap after leaving here.(41 Virginia Pl.)


X-Treme Wheelz: Indoor park that gets busy when the weather gets extreme.(356 Hertel Ave.)

The Sunday TF:Built for the team, friends & family of the shop, with birch top sheeting and a new sound system. Helping keep the rust off during rainy days & winter months.

The (Future) City of Buffalo Street Plaza: Will be located under the Skyway bridge. Sunday and committed locals are nearing the final steps making this a reality


The Old Pink Flamingo: The most popular bar in the city. Open till 4 a.m. but last call means closer to 5 a.m.Can be the the host to an awesome night, if you can remember what happened (223 Allen St.).

Allen Steet Hardware: The location was once a place to buy a hammer and nails. Now the place to get hammered and find someone to bring home and nail. (Allen St. next door to “The Pink”)

Mohawk Place: Mostly a place to see your favorite band that hasn’t made it too big yet. Cheap drinks and 2 for 1 PBRs. (Mohawk St.)

Sound Lab: You know that band that you have never heard of, but is so & so’s favorite band? well they play here. Awesome underground spot.(110 Pearl street)


NFL FOOTBALL: Go see a Bills game or just have a tailgate party in the parking lot (The Bills QB, J.P. Lossman, skateboards and has skated the Sunday T.F.). GO BILLS!

NHL HOCKEY: Home to the Buffalo Sabres. Either you are a hockey fan or you’re not, but we are. “Lets Go Sabres!!!”

New Era World Headquarters: Home to those hats that everyone wears with the gold sticker still left on the brim. Well they are from here and the flagship store is downtown. (160 Delaware Ave).

MUST HAVE SOUVENIERS: A giant foam chicken wing hat from the Anchor Bar. A Hangover to nurse from the Old Pink & tired legs from skating with the boys and hopefully a smile on your face

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