Cold-Stunned Iguanas “Rain” From Trees as Temperature Drops in Florida

Getty Images

If you live in one of the states getting slammed by cold front after cold front (and that so-called “bomb cyclone”), you’d probably scoff at anyone considering 40-degree lows as freezing. But for Floridians, the drop in temperature is something to worry about: It’s causing iguanas to rain from the sky, The Guardian reports.

Well, sorta. Iguanas are cold-blooded creatures that don’t adapt too well to drops in mercury. The cold temporarily stuns the reptiles (their bodies shut down as a defense mechanism), and in the Sunshine State, that’s caused the reptiles to fall from their perches atop trees, landing haphazardly across residents’ properties. And—hopefully—when things warm up again, they’ll be resurrected from their forced mini hibernations.

Iguanas aren’t the only animals suffering in the wake of bone-chilling temperatures. Sea turtles are becoming cold-stunned and, in some areas, sharks are freezing solid. Read the full story at The Guardian.

In the meantime, bundle up in one of these tough winter parkas. And if you’ve got a dog that’s on the smaller side—or has a short, thin coat—toss on a canine-approved sweater or jacket for walks outside. And don’t forget to wipe down their paws with water and a wash cloth to remove any sidewalk salt.

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