Today’s Conspiracy Theory: Daniel LaRusso Was Actually the Bad Guy in ‘Karate Kid’

When you're looking for the villain in a James Bond film, it's usually the guy threatening to blow up the world for almost no reason at all. His evil is apparent, and our hero is just. But when you add even a little nuance and perspective to a film, the lines between the good guys and bad guys blur. Principal Rooney has an obligation to keep Ferris Bueller in school, and Gaston is attempting to free Belle, who was kidnapped by a monster. And when a kid from Jersey moves to town and starts multiple fights with Johnny, Tommy, Bobby, and the Cobra Kai gang, they have a right to defend themselves and their town from the pubescent menace and his father figure, Mr. Miyagi, a local karate master, handyman, and drunk coming to grips with his PTSD after WWII.

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Maybe you disagree. Maybe you root for an instigator who isn't strong enough or smart enough to fight his own battles. Maybe you don't see Johnny as the tragic hero who earnestly supports Daniel after he wins the All Valley Karate Tournament (despite Johnny losing on an illegal kick to the face) and even gives up fighting for his sensei after he's asked to injure his opponent. Maybe all those years you thought you were the underdog sticking up for yourself, you were actually just the bully. Or maybe you were wrong about Johnny. If we can't convince you, perhaps the above video will. 

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