Cool dad creates homemade mountain bike simulator for daughter

Downhill mountain biking is a ton of fun, but as with many fun things (drinking, shaving, operating heavy machinery), it’s not really intended for toddlers. But one enterprising father wanted to find a way for his daughter to enjoy the thrill of flying downhill on a mountain bike without the risk of, you know, permanent bodily injury.

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So, he did what any enterprising father who wanted to share some downhill stoke with his daughter without paying thousands on a bike simulator would do: He made one himself.

mountain bike simulator
Who needs expensive virtual reality equipment when you’ve got an awesome dad?

In a video currently making the rounds across the Internet, one unnamed father strapped his daughter up to her pink plastic tricycle, threw a motocross helmet on her and played a GoPro video of mountain biking through the Scottish Highlands on the family’s television while shaking his daughter with each twist and turn.

The end result? A thrilling ride for his little girl and a secured nomination for father of the year for him (not to mention a killer upper body workout).

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