Couple terrorized by snake on windshield while driving

A man and woman driving along a highway in Australia were shocked Sunday when a snake suddenly appeared atop the vehicle’s hood, squirming back and forth in an attempt to dislodge itself from the front grill.

And when it did, the woman became hysterical.

According to Russia Today and 9 News, Gaby McCloskey was the passenger who was filming the entire episode on a road trip near Mackay in Queensland and posted it on YouTube. Warning for profanity:

“He’s trying to get in,” the woman said. “You’re going to have to pull over.”

“And do what?” the man answered.

“He’s going to try to bite us,” the woman said.

The man, who found it laughable, didn’t think pulling over would do any good and suggested going through a car wash to get the snake off the car.

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Some commenters didn’t take too kindly to what they did.

“What idiots,” one wrote on the 7 News Facebook page. “Pull over so it can get free. Very cruel.”

Others called them “stupid ignorant people” and labeled it “animal cruelty.”

The snake was identified as a harmless common green snake and pulling over is exactly what they should have done, according to Janne Torkkola of Snake Out Brisbane Snake Catchers.

More from Yahoo7:

“Much of the wriggling behavior is the snake simply trying to escape, however he appears stuck to the grille or under the hood,” Mr. Torkkola told Yahoo7.

He said the “thrashing about” may have possibly caused the snake “very serious or fatal internal injuries.”

The snake catcher said the couple should have pulled over in a shady area, away from traffic, and waited for the snake to leave on it’s own accord.

“They (common tree snakes) truly mean us no harm and are simply trying to go about their business and avoid us as best they can,” he said.

McCloskey wrote that “No snakes were harmed in this video, snake was off and happy back into nature [sic].”

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