These are the craziest high dives you will ever see

Last month, Laso Schaller of Switzerland made international headlines when the daredevil broke the world cliff jump record by jumping from 192 feet into the basin of a Swiss waterfall.

Unfortunately, Schaller did not, however, break the world high diving record. First, Schaller failed to rotate 180 degrees, which is required for a dive to be considered a high dive. Plus, Schaller, who dislocated his hip upon impact, had to be towed out of the water. His inability to leave under his own power was another disqualifying factor.

Despite the extreme stunt and its consequences, Schaller wasn’t the only devil daring enough to attempt or complete similar feats.

Dana Kunze, 1983

American high diver Dana Kunze set what might still be the most extreme high diving record way back in 1983.

While divers have jumped from higher elevations since Kunze’s 1983 jump, nobody has done it with as much style and grace qualifying as a high dive.

Diving at San Diego’s SeaWorld from a height of 172 feet wearing nothing but a few speedos, some shinguards and zinc iodine, Kunze rotated four times and entered the water perfectly, and most notably, somehow walked away without any injury.

Constable Velmurugan, 2002

In 2002, Constable Velmurugan of the Tamil Nadu State Police in southern India attempted to dive from 125 feet off of a hydraulic lift into the open sea.

To clarify, his dive was an attempt because it would be hard to call what Velmurugan performed an actual dive.

The man ended up belly flopping from over 100 feet. While he didn’t break any kind of records, he also didn’t break any bones, which is still pretty impressive.

Olivier Favre, 1987

So back in the 1980’s, there was a bit of an arms race to break Kunze’s record, which culminated in Olivier Favre’s attempt at a 177-foot dive in Villers-le-Lac, France in 1987. Again, this was an attempt, because Favre wasn’t able to fulfill all the requirements of a high dive.

Favre wasn’t able to swim away from his dive because, despite wearing a thick wetsuit, the impact from his dive broke his back, and he had to be helped out of the water.

Spider, 2014

There isn’t much description available for this video, other than the divers name is Spider, and he apparently dives at the famous Rick’s Cafe in Negril, Jamaica.

And for $20, Spider will jump from a roughly 80-foot-high cliff into the crystal blue Jamaican waters, despite the jagged rocks that checker his landing area.

Spider deserves his spot on this list as much for his dive as his infectious attitude. As he says at the beginning of the video, “No problem.”

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