Crossing the Alps on a Slackline

Extreme sportsman Mich Kemeter is at it again, this time successfully crossing 148 feet of slackline 12,500 feet in the air while barefoot in the snow-capped Alps. "I did it on my first try," says Kemeter of the stunt. He repeated the feat six more times over four days (with fewer than three hours of daylight) before the wind and fog grew too intense. The slackline, which his crew had to chip ice away from each morning, was secured between the knife-edge of Grossglockner and Klein Grossglockner, Austria’s highest peaks, and second only to Mont Blanc in all of the Alps.

Mj 390_294_walking the line

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Mich Kemeter has become one of the world's most accomplished slackliners, holding the world record for covering a distance greater than two football fields in only 19 minutes while suspended above an Austrian Lake. The daredevil has also performed his exploits between Yosemite Valley peaks with no safety harness. This time he was attached to the rope, but you can see him swaying with every step. The wind was blowing between 25 and 37 miles per hour, and it was constantly shaking me and the entire line," he says. "It was the most wind I could possibly move in."

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