Curious polar bear cub is adorable as it checks out Arctic melt ponds

An adorable polar bear cub exploring its new world became the favorite polar bear encounter for a tourist from Washington on a 12-day Arctic trip to the North Pole.

Lauren Farmer, 34, was among those on the Poseidon Expeditions tour that witnessed the loveable polar bear cub checking out the melt ponds on the Franz Josef Archipelago.

“The cub was so curious about melt ponds, which are puddles of water [on the ice] and is how the Arctic melts during summer,” Farmer told Caters News, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Farmer shot endearing video of the polar bear cub as it frolicked in the puddles, dried off in the snow, and ran after momma:

“I had seen cubs before but never that young and so curious; most tend to stay very close to the mother and don’t have the confidence to veer off,” Farmer, who is from the San Juan Islands, told Caters News. “But this one was diving into a pond, not knowing how deep it would be. It was unusual, yet endearing.

“It must have been an exciting experience. With it being the cub’s first time in melt ponds, it was thrilled and definitely jumped into as many puddles as it could.”

The cub was said to be have been under a year old and had left its den with its mother three months before.

“This was by far the best encounter and the youngest cub I have seen,” Farmer said. “We were all pretty psyched afterward.

“Since putting the video together, I have watched so many times, it always brings such a big smile to my face. There’s so much negativity in the world so it’s nice seeing a cute video of an animal playing.”

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