CVS Says “Ta Ta” to Tobacco

CVS Bans Tobacco Sales

Finally, the second-largest drugstore chain in the United States has removed cigarettes from its shelves–a month ahead of schedule, highlighting the genuine interest of the company in the health of its customers.

CVS officially changed its name from CVS/Caremark Corp to CVS Health to represent “its broader health care commitment,” and desire to positively alter the lives of Americans.

The company is taking a cut of about $2 billion in annual sales, and the CEO Larry Merlo expects it to continue to go on for the next 12 months. According to Forbes, Merlo said that the decision to stop the sales of tobacco was “one of those intangibles,” put in place to get new business.

Since CVS Health is becoming more focused on the wellness of its customers, it could focus on removing other unhealthy items too such as energy drinks, sweetened soda, alcohol, candy, and cakes.


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