Cycling officially badass: Heavy metal bands release road bikes

Today in headlines you never thought you would read: Some of the world’s biggest heavy metal bands are getting behind the international cycling movement and releasing official road bikes and BMX bikes adorned with their band logos.

On Wednesday, the website Metal Injection reported that the iconic heavy metal band Slayer had teamed up with the bike brand Subrosa to release four new official Slayer bike designs this fall.

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Heavy metal road bikes
Roll into your local skate park on this and instantly gain everyone’s respect. Photo: Courtesy of Subrosa

“We couldn’t think of a bigger way to celebrate our 10th year as a brand than teaming up with Slayer to create some of the most badass BMX bikes ever seen. I am stoked, and frankly still blown away to introduce you to the Subrosa/Slayer Collaboration,” Ryan Sher, Subrosa’s brand manager, said in a statement announcing the line’s release at the end of last month. “BMX has always had love for metal. Whether it’s in the headphones of riders ripping through town, background music during a contest run, or the soundtrack to some of the most famous and influential video parts, Slayer has been a huge piece of it all.”

The four designs (ranging from $200-$800) include a road bike, two separate sized BMX designs and a BMX design for kids. They also feature blood-splattered artwork and the words “Still reigning” (a reference to Slayer’s seminal Reign in Blood album) on the bike frame, which is perhaps slightly unnerving on a bike meant to take riders soaring through the air.

Heavy metal road bikes
In keeping with the band’s cheery motif, Rammstein went with an all black design. Photo: Courtesy of Rammstein

Not to be outdone by their American counterparts, the German heavy metal band Rammstein also released a road bike with Schindelhauerbikes in Berlin to create 100 limited edition, all-black road bikes which it will sell on the band’s website for roughly $1,850. The band claims the bikes offer “specially designed frame geometry and innovative technology” fused with “purist Rammstein design.”

So there you have it. Cycling is officially a metal sport.

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