Motorcyclist doing a wheelie crashes into police car

A motorcyclist performing a wheelie on a Kansas City, Missouri, highway apparently wasn’t paying close attention to the traffic ahead, crashing into a stopped car. But this wasn’t just any car. This was a police car, whose occupant did not take kindly to the motorcyclist. Watch and learn what not to do while riding a motorcycle or when confronting a police officer:

According to the Kansas City Star, a group of about 40 bikers blocked traffic on Interstate 70 to videotape themselves performing burnouts and wheelies, an activity said to be a growing problem.

On Sunday, the group of riders was taking a memorial ride to honor two motorcycle “stunters” who died recently. Police broke up the action in front of Kauffman Stadium, and as many of the bikers fled on U.S. 40 east, the one you see in the video did a wheelie into trouble.

Nicholas E. Rose, 24, of Omaha, Nebraska, was the motorcyclist who failed to hit his brakes in time. The police officer was attempting to pull over a truck with eight people in the bed, some of whom were videotaping the motorcyclists, according to the Star. As the police car slowed to a stop, Rose ran into the back of it.

The officer jumped out of the car and confronted the motorcyclist, who “allegedly fought with the officer and removed his helmet and swung it at the officer’s head, according to court records,” the Star reported, though that isn’t clear in the video. The report also said a bystander helped the officer subdue the biker.

In the end, Rose was charged with assault of a law enforcement officer, careless and imprudent driving, resisting arrest, and disturbing the peace.

No doubt about it, it will be a very expensive wheelie.

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