Darren Sharper’s Probation May Include a Penis Plethysmograph

Darren Sharper’s Probation May Include a Penis Plethysmograph

Former NFL safety and media analyst Darren Sharper has persuaded prosecutors in four different states to let him serve only nine more years for his nine alleged rape- and drugging-related crimes by agreeing to a penile plethysmograph—among other restrictions during his lifelong probation, the New Orleans Advocate reports.

A penile plethysmograph is a sensor that measures swelling and arousal in response to sexual stimulants, namely pictures and videos. Most likely in this case, rubber rings will be attached to Sharper’s penis to gauge his reaction to depictions of consensual and nonconsensual sex—to get a reading on what arouses him. 

In addition to having his penis monitored during his first three to five years of “freedom”, Sharper will be tracked by GPS, undergo sex offender treatment in California, take lie detector tests, and approve any and all travel plans—over 50 miles from Arizona—with state officials first. Sharper is also prohibited from drinking alcohol, entering a bar, visiting a sex shop, or chatting on the Internet, indefinitely. 

Failure to comply with any of these conditions, and Sharper will find himself back in prison—either in Arizona or Louisiana—to serve at least another 14 years before returning to these same conditions…again. 

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