Deadly hornets from ‘granddaddy of a hornet’s nest’ swarm exterminator

The deafening buzzing of thousands of deadly hornets was captured in video footage from an exterminator in Louisiana who was called upon to remove what he described as “the granddaddy of a hornet’s nest.”

Jude Verret of Stinger Creations wrote in his YouTube posts that he’s done some hornet’s nests as big but that “this was the best video I have done.”

At one point, Verret can be heard saying in the video, “I’m not usually scared, but uh…” The rest of his sentence was drowned out by the loud buzzing.

“It’s like something out of a horror movie,” is how Inside Edition described it. “The sound is terrifying.”

Verret called them European yellow jackets, which can be deadly.

“I kind of hate killing things, but these are very dangerous,” Verret wrote in his YouTube posts. “They will kill you quick!

“A new Facebook friend from Texas said a friend of his got stung three times and he died! I have been stung five or six times on one job.”

The exterminator said the hornet’s nest was as big as a full-size refrigerator.

He later wrote that five or six stings will put you in the hospital, but he didn’t mention ever going to the hospital. And on this job, he was fortunate not to have gotten stung.

As for the hornets, “they’re dead,” Verret wrote.

“That spray kills them,” he said. “It takes a few minutes. They have to return to the nest to survive.”

In the end, Verret removed the nest, which had up to five queens, and spread it out to give an idea how large it was.

“I tell people it was as big as the size of a full-size refrigerator,” Verret told Inside Edition.

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