Does Deep Blue have competition as world’s largest great white shark?

Deep Blue is widely considered the world’s largest great white shark, a 20-foot beast that dwarfed cage divers in amazing video footage captured off Guadalupe Island in fall of 2013.

But now, renowned underwater photographer Stephen Frink claims to have photographed a massive great white shark that could rival Deep Blue, according to reports in the Mirror and Daily Mail.

Frink, 67, the publisher of Alert Diver Magazine from Key Largo, Florida, traveled to South Australia, South Africa and Guadalupe Island, Mexico, to capture a series of up-close and personal photographs of great white sharks.

The photo showing a massive great white shark in front of two cage divers is the one Frink believes could compete as the world’s largest great white shark, though no measurement was possible. And the location remained unrevealed.

No question the shark is huge, but our guess is that it falls short of Deep Blue, considering the deceiving angle. The shark appears not to be nose-to-nose with the divers but several feet in front, as evidenced by the aim of the cage divers’ cameras.

Still, it is an impressive shot of an incredible great white shark.

“Great white sharks are the ocean’s apex predator,” Frink told the news outlets. “Any underwater photographer will covet a chance to get close and get photos of them.

“There is intimacy in my photos. With underwater photography it is necessary to get very close, and with a great white shark it takes a wide-angle lens within 3-feet away.

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“Getting near and showing their behavior is my objective.”

Frink said the three destinations he visited are his favorite places to dive with great white sharks.

“Great white sharks are notoriously shy,” he said. “Only lately have we known where and when to find them reliably. They are beautiful. They are majestic. They deserve to live.”

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