Demshitz Runs the Green Narrows—In a Sea Kayak

Paddlers have been getting pretty creative in how and in what craft they run North Carolina’s Green Narrrows. People have been taking on the Southeast’s most iconic creek in everything from standard creekboats, longboats and playboats to the canoe and even riverboard. They’ve single-bladed, handle paddled and even paddled it backwards. But until yesterday, no one had ever sea kayaked it.

That’s when Demshitz’s own David Fusilli decided to take it on. “I like to use Pyranha stuff, and I don’t own a longboat so I thought I’d try it,” Fusilli says, “and maybe to see if I could do it.”

Though the hammer is designed for ocean waves, it has been demonstrating its whitewater capabilities lately. Another Demshitz member, Jared Seiler, actually won his King of New York crown with a Moose Race victory paddling the Hammer.

Stay tuned for more information on the hammer in Canoe & Kaya’s next issue from our test run—in the ocean.

Demshitz flying off the launchpad of Gorilla in the hammer.
Demshitz flying off the launchpad of Gorilla in the hammer. Jason Rowan

The article was originally published on Canoe & Kayak

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