Dirt biker sends massive BASE jump off Utah dune

On Friday, the Negative4 Productions YouTube channel uploaded a video showing professional motocross rider/BASE jumper/stuntman Brad O’Neal successfully completing what it is calling a world’s first by riding his dirt bike off a huge dune in Utah to propel himself into a BASE jump.

The video was shot in March in Caineville, Utah, and shows what Negative4 believes is the first-ever natural terrain moto BASE jump.

“I chose this location because its an iconic freeride location that has been featured in all my favorite dirt bike movies growing up,” O’Neal said in the description of the YouTube video. “It’s almost like an alien built it specifically for this stunt.”

And this isn’t Brad O’Neal’s first time moto BASE jumping.

Back in 2014, O’Neal teamed up with GoPro to complete a moto BASE jump off flat ground, riding his bike off a huge man-made ramp before pulling his chute and landing safely in a small pond. He also claimed that was a world’s first.

“People always ask what it feels like to do one of these moto BASE jumps and the best way I can describe it is it feels like riding an insane rollercoaster that never got finished and you just blast off into the ether,” O’Neal wrote about the pursuit on the YouTube video.

There wasn’t much room for error in this stunt.

“It is a unique feeling as far as BASE jumping goes because it’s the only time I have ever felt a double gut drop during a BASE jump,” O’Neal continued. “You get the catapult feeling going up. Then you get a strange zero gravity feeling at the Apex that transitions into another gut drop. Almost like a really fun living nightmare.”

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