Divers react approvingly to great white shark attack on seal

Mossel Bay in South Africa, a world-renown destination for shark cage diving, is a great place for those seeking up-close encounters with great white sharks but not so great for cape fur seals.

A group of divers on a tour with White Shark Africa experienced this first hand when a seal approached the cage-diving boat.

“The clients in the cage at the time were surprised to see a seal in front of the cage,” Elton Polly, the boat captain, told GrindTV in an email. “Immediately one girl asked me why the sharks are not trying to eat the seal. I was just done explaining that it may well happen when it did.”

Kamille Nielsen, one of the clients on board, shot video of the attack (warning that some might find the footage graphic):

The encounter next to the boat was a rare one for White Shark Africa, which was founded in 1995.

“This time of year we see quite a lot of natural predations of the sharks on the seals, but none of them are as close as this one,” Polly wrote. “As you can hear in the video the clients had a really good time on the boat. Most of them were very excited and happy to see such an event while others felt pity for the seal.”

Based on their reaction, they overwhelmingly sided with the great white shark, most definitely.

Polly shared the fact that some online comments were negative toward the laughing girl, but he explained “if you can understand how excited we make our clients before the trip, laughter and cheer are both natural responses.”

Quipped one client, “Seals are just like little shark biscuits.”

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