DIY Hacks: How to rig a milk crate

Since kayak fishing began, anglers have turned to the trusty plastic milk crate to house their gear and cheaply carry a variety of rods and tackle. Milk crates are cheap, lightweight and easy to find. And with a few cheap components, kayak anglers can turn a regular dairy box into a fish-slaying tool chest. All the items used can be purchased at a local hardware store for about $50 — much less than you’d spend on prefabricated rod holders, camera poles and marine lights. The milk crate we designed here is just a basic starting point. Get creative and design one that works just for you.

A few pointers worth highlighting:
The watertight base raises your crate up off the kayak deck, keeping it a bit dryer and out of the fish schmeg. Make sure you measure the width of your own kayak before cutting these sections.

The foam insulation helps things float in the event of a capsize and also has a dampening effect on noise.

The vertical pole can be cut to your height of choice. The solar light is a nice and cheap safety feature that turns on automatically if you end up paddling back to your launch after dark. They are $5 a piece.

Use the bungees to secure the crate to the deck. They also work to keep things inside or attached the to outside.

Crank down on those zip-ties, especially on the rod holders! You might even consider using a zip tie wrench.

Filmed on a WASPcam in Washington state’s Lake Entiat.

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The article was originally published on Kayak Fish

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