Dog owner is oblivious to alligator threat to swimming pet

Corina Cox has lived in Florida for only a month, so alligators were yet to be on her radar — though clearly they ought to have been when she allowed her dog to swim in a pond behind a home she evacuated to with Hurricane Irma approaching.

“We left Cape Coral because of the hurricane,” she wrote on Facebook. “Pokey loves the water, this is a new place, no one told me there were gators out there. So close, too close! Still freaking out!”

Cox, who evacuated to Kissimmee, according to UPI, had reason to freak out, and, yes, that alligator was way too close:

Fortunately Cox had Pokey on a leash and was able to pull the dog away before the alligator attempted to take a bite.

While the lurking alligator is pretty obvious to those watching the video, it wasn’t to Cox because, as she told Caters News via the Daily Mail, she was “looking through my phone directly at Pokey and not watching my surroundings at all.”

“It looks like Pokey saw it and jumped out to see what it was,” she told Caters News. “It must have startled the alligator.

“When I saw the gator pop up next to him I just started pulling in his retractable leash as fast as possible. It scared me so much that I couldn’t stand up and had jelly legs crawling up to the house.

Pokey swims dangerously close to an alligator. Photo: Corina Cox/Caters News

“The gator stayed there for about an hour till the wind started to pick up from Irma. I imagine he was waiting for him to come back so he could eat him. I definitely learned a lesson on many levels.”

Cox wrote on Facebook, “No more ponds for him…I’m so grateful that Pokey is still alive!”

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