Dolphin body-slams surfer at Hermosa Beach

Stuffed. Burned. Snaked. No matter what they call it, nothing gets surfers more frustrated than getting dropped in on while trying to catch a wave from someone out of position in the lineup.

Apparently, however, that frustration is mutual across species, showcased by a video of a dolphin body-slamming a standup paddleboarder in Hermosa Beach, California, who cut across a wave it was surfing:

The video, taken by Manhattan Beach resident Matt Minich, shows Minich and his friend Peter Nelson standup paddleboarding on Labor Day in Hermosa Beach when a pod of three dolphins comes at Minich from out of the wave he was paddling toward. One of the dolphins launches itself out of the surf and knocks Minich off of his board.

Minich wasn’t hurt in the collision, and he didn’t seem to mind the experience.

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“It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Top ten for sure,” Minich said on his Facebook post of the video.

As for the dolphin? All signs point to it swimming away from the encounter unharmed.

“I haven’t heard of any reports of injured dolphin in [Manhattan Beach],” Minich wrote on his Facebook page. “They are pretty tough.”

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