Don’t let wind ambush kayak position – Jeff Little tells you how to keep fishing in even the worst conditions

Does anyone who doesn’t have a job fishing put in as much time on the water as Jeff Little? The avid kayak fisherman has been known to launch on ice to get to open water and pretty much goes out in any condition that is minimally fishable. 

Speaking of taking kayak fishing to the extremes, wind is always a formidable adversary for kayak anglers. But it doesn’t keep Jeff Little on the beach. Safety comes first with the ACA-certified paddler and Little always has a plan that makes kayak fishing feasible — and productive.

In Maintaining Boat Position in the Wind, Little not only braves winds strong enough to sheet water off the surface, he also connects with quality smallmouth bass and gives up a critical trick for more hookups in breezy conditions — and it’s not just turning on the Torqeedo motor!

The article was originally published on Kayak Fish

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