Downhill Rock Climbing Is Our Favorite New Fake Sport

"When I'm climbing downhill, I'm actually getting closer to heaven," says downhill climber Tyson Williams in the CBC's "This Is That" video which documents a descent by the founders of downhill climbing. Williams and his longtime climbing partner Scott Stanyon complete one of the most challenging fake downhill climbs in North America in the four-minute video: the south wall of "The Admiral" in British Columbia.

Williams and Stanyon have the demeanor of completely serious climbers because, really, they are just trying to get to the bottom of things. For people new to the sport, downhill climbing is exactly what it the name suggests. Don't get downhill climbing confused with regular climbing, because the people who climb versus the people who downhill climb are "two completely different breeds," Williams says.

"This Is That" satirizes everything from politics and business to culture and religion. Along with downhill climbing, "This Is That" has produced segments about Canadians smuggling water into the United States, artisanal firewood, and a major Canadian art exhibition centered around balloon animals.