Dozens of Octopuses Take to Land in Wales, But No One Knows Why

Image via Brett Stones video

On the evening of October 27th, beach goers in West Wales got a many tentacled surprise. 

Those hanging at the local beaches on the Friday evening were joined by more than two dozen of what BBC News called “curled octopuses.” A local dolphin tour guide named Brett Stones said the scene was a “bit like an end of days scenario.”

According to the BBC these type of octopuses have grown in number in the region because the cod population has decreased recently. They also get snapped up by dolphins. However, they usually are not seen scooting across land which is why the large number of them in the sand shocked people hanging out on the beach.

Stones and other people at the beach attempted to place the creatures that were completely on land back into the water. He told the Washington Post that these particular octopuses cannot survive on dry land. 

Sadly, despite the best efforts of Stones and others, many of the octopuses were still found washed up on land Saturday morning, according to the BBC

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